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The Best-Made Plantation Shutters, Blinds & Shades In Rockford, IL

If you’re looking for a lasting window treatment, not just anything will suffice. Sunburst Shutters offers the best plantation shutters, blinds, and shades in [[name]], Illinois. Our custom plantation shutters are designed to keep their great looks up to 30 years from when you install them.

Interior shutters in modern living room

As a local Rockford shutter provider since 1995, we’ve served thousands of customers and beautified their windows and homes with the finest, highly rated shutters available. Every detail, from our top-notch craftsmanship to our hassle-free installation is made to leave you with the best plantation shutters in the Chicagoland Area.


Why [[name]] Houses Need Interior Shutters

White shutters in home office
With so many homes in [[name]] installing interior shutters, there have to be good reasons for it, right? Technically, there are many reasons to consider interior shutters for your space. Here’s why your neighbors are getting them:


  • Shutters are resilient. Relative to other window treatments, shutters last and last. Where a store-bought set of blinds or designer drapes may break, warp or deteriorate in the span of a few years, shutters stand firm over time. With sound construction and heavy-duty material, shutters will be a part of your space for decades.

  • Shutters are energy efficient. Admittedly, blinds or shades are able to block a little outside light, but how effective are they at managing the heat levels inside the house? Unless you plan to purchase additional weatherstripping, energy can still pass through your windows without trouble. Solid plantation shutters can greatly reduce that energy movement.

  • Shutters are gorgeous. No other window treatment comes close to the timelessness, sophistication, versatility, and wow-factor of interior shutters.

Polywood - [[name]]’s Faux Wood Shutter of Choice

Don’t be misled by that headline. Polywood® plantation shutters are more than simply [[name]]’s favorite faux wood shutters, they’re above and beyond any other faux wood shutters you can find for sale.

Interior shutters in modern family room

Polywood shutters are fantastic at everything that make shutters a top choice for [[name]] homes. Their solid white or hardwood colors give ageless beauty to your house. Polywood is impervious to chips, warps, cracks, and is 100% moisture-resistant and heatproof, so they’re the most durable shutter available. And no window treatment can even come close to rivaling Polywood shutters’ energy efficiency which can block close to 50% of the energy moving through your window.

Not to mention, Polywood plantation shutters are 100% made in America, and are sold with one the best shutter warranties homeowners can get. And for a more budget-friendly shutter for smaller windows in the Chicagoland Area, look into Sunburst’s builder-grade Studio Shutters.

Gorgeous Wood Shutters In [[name]]

Capture the beauty of natural wood shutters for your house with Sunburst’s Ovation® Wood Shutters. Ovation Wood Shutters are one of the best-selling wood shutters in [[name]] because of their eye-catching, solid furniture-grade teak wood. Natural wood shutters add a natural intrigue to the space with their knots and grains. And since Ovation Shutters are available in over 28 colors, you’re sure to procure the ideal one for your home’s style.

Arched hardwood shutters in bedroom

If you’re trying to achieve an even more natural look, consider our reclaimed wood shutters available in [[name]], Illinois. Every shutter is made with reclaimed lumber from throughout the country and brings its own unique story. Whether the shutter’s wood is from an old fence, barn, or another home, it comes with its own characteristics that make it a unique piece of art in your home.

Get Custom Shutters In [[name]] with Sunburst

Getting custom shutters in [[name]] is easy when working with Sunburst Shutters. We’re here to help you through each part of the process so that you end up with exactly the type of shutters your home needs. Here’s our simple process for getting shutters in your home:

  1. First call 847-250-6544 or use the form below to schedule a free in-home design consultation with a Sunburst team member.

  2. During your meeting, our window pro will measure your windows. They’ll also go over all all your available options, and they can give you suggestions for choosing the best window treatments for your individual budget and style.

  3. You pick the window treatment you want and finalize an order.

  4. A short time later, when your shutters are finished, a professional installer will return to your home to install your shutters and show you how to operate them and take care of them.

Once completed, you have gorgeous shutters without ever breaking a sweat.

Polywood Shutters Deliver Incredible Energy-efficiency And Are Eligible To Save You Up To $1200 With The Energy Tax Credit!

Sunburst’s exclusive Polywood® synthetic wood plantation shutters do more than deliver a timeless appearance and an impressive amount of control over exterior light. These shutters will save you money on your energy bills! Polywood shutters can conserve hot and cold air up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The energy-efficiency characteristics of these innovative Chicago window treatments have even been approved for a 2023 federal tax credit up to $1200.



Offering [[name]] The Finest When It Comes To Blinds & Shades

Though shutters might be part of our name, they’re certainly not the only window treatment we sell. From blinds to shades and more, Sunburst is your go-to source for any window covering in [[name]].

[[name]] Shades

Brown cell shades in bedroom

The simplicity and ease of use of [[name]] shades are hard to argue against. We offer the best looking Honeycomb shades, roller shades, motorized shades and woven shades–with tons of options to choose from in colors, textures, patterns and more.

[[name]] Blinds

Polywood blinds in kitchen

We don’t stop at building the best shutters in [[name]]. Our blinds give you the strength, durability and lastingness with the ease of use and minimal design of blinds. Available in basswood and faux wood, with endless options including motorized operation and valances, our Blinds in [[name]] answer that old question of “Is it possible to build a better blind?”

Get Started Today With Sunburst Shutters In [[name]]

There’s no reason to hesitate to get new shutters for your home. By partnering with Sunburst Shutters for your window treatments in [[name]], you’re guaranteed to get the finest in customer service and stunning, acclaimed window treatments.

So call Sunburst Shutters Chicago today at 847-250-6544 or fill out the form below to set up a free window design consultation. We’re ready to help homeowners in [[name]] and its surrounding areas pick great shutters and window treatments for their unique style and budget. So what are you waiting for? Let’s talk!


Benefits of Plantation Shutters in Rockford

Plantation shutters are an excellent choice for Rockford, IL homeowners due to their adaptability to the local climate, offering insulation that keeps homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter, leading to energy savings. Their aesthetic appeal complements both modern and traditional home designs, enhancing property value. These shutters provide superior light control and privacy, which is particularly beneficial in densely populated areas.
Customization options, including various materials, colors, and finishes, ensure a perfect fit for any window size or shape. Known for their durability and longevity, plantation shutters can withstand Rockford's varying weather conditions and are easy to clean, improving indoor air quality. This low-maintenance, long-term investment is ideal for busy homeowners and those looking to increase their property's value. 

Neighborhood Spotlights for Rockford, IL


Downtown Rockford

Downtown Rockford is known for its historic buildings and vibrant cultural scene, featuring a mix of older brick structures and modern renovations. Plantation shutters can enhance the classic architectural styles here, adding elegance and preserving historic charm. Neutral tones or wood finishes can boost the appeal of both residential and commercial properties in this bustling area.

Northwest Rockford

Northwest Rockford is characterized by suburban neighborhoods with mid-century modern and ranch-style homes. Plantation shutters can accentuate the clean lines and open spaces typical of mid-century modern architecture. Wide louvers in sleek, modern finishes maintain a minimalist aesthetic, while traditional wood shutters add a cozy, rustic touch to ranch-style homes.

East Rockford

East Rockford boasts upscale neighborhoods with larger homes and spacious lots, featuring contemporary and colonial designs. Plantation shutters add sophistication to contemporary homes with custom colors and finishes that match the exterior. For colonial-style homes, classic white shutters enhance the symmetrical and formal appearance, boosting curb appeal.

Southwest Rockford

Southwest Rockford has a mix of older homes and new developments, including Victorian, Craftsman, and newer suburban designs. Plantation shutters bring out the intricate details of Victorian homes with custom shapes and colors. Natural wood shutters highlight the handcrafted feel of Craftsman homes, while modern shutters provide a sleek look for contemporary designs.


Riverside neighborhoods are known for scenic views and proximity to the Rock River, with homes often featuring large windows to take advantage of the river views. Plantation shutters offer excellent light control without obstructing the view. Shutters with wider louvers maximize natural light and allow enjoyment of the picturesque surroundings.

Guilford Country Club Estates

This affluent area features luxury homes with expansive floor plans and high-end finishes. Plantation shutters add to the luxurious feel of these homes, with custom options that match high-end decor. Rich wood tones or sleek finishes complement upscale interiors and exteriors.


Edgebrook is known for its charming, tree-lined streets and a mix of architectural styles, including Tudor and bungalow homes. Plantation shutters enhance the storybook charm of Tudor homes with custom shapes that fit unique window designs. Earthy-toned shutters add to the cozy, inviting atmosphere of bungalows.