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What Are The Customizable Plantation Shutter Options In Chicago?

November 30, 2023

The best plantation shutters can be customized to fit your unique needs and windows. But with so many custom options, it can be challenging to choose the ones you want. Which color will match your interior? What kind of tilt rod will work best? What frame is right for the window? Here are several tips for designing the perfect window treatments with your favorite plantation shutter options in Chicago.

Selecting Plantation Shutter Colors In Chicago

Dark wood plantation shutters on a window above a beige couch
You’ll get to explore numerous attractive colors of plantation shutters in Chicago. Premium wood Ovation® shutters come in a wide variety of paint and wood stain colors. Versatile Polywood® shutters come in three shades of white. Get started with the following interior window shutter color ideas for Chicago homes:
  • Select crisp white Polywood shutters to harmonize with contemporary decor.
  • Choose wood shutters in a stain or paint color that goes with current wood elements in your home.
  • Choose wood shutters to incorporate vibrance and warmth to your home’s aesthetic.
  • Choose white shutters to stand out against bold wall colors.
  • Use bright white shutters to coordinate with any decor easily.

Sunburst’s Shutter Designer tool can help you envision your shutter’s color adjacent to your wall and how the many plantation shutter options in Chicago look together. Click here for a link to the Shutter Designer.

How To Customize Shutter Tilt Rods

White Polywood shutters with hidden tilt rods on windows in a living room
The tilt rod controls a shutter’s louvers and repositions them in unison. Conventional tilt rods are seen directly on your shutter panels. If you want a different look, you can have hidden tilt rods integrated into the unseen side of your shutters.


If you want the ability to open the upper louvers for light and keep the lower louvers shut for privacy, request a divider rail or split tilt rods. Both options let you adjust the upper portion of your louvers separately from the bottom half.

How To Pick A Plantation Shutter Frame

 Large window with interior shutters in a kitchen.
According to what type of interior shutter you select, you’ll have various options for frame styles. Working with your shutter design consultant, find out what sort of frame will fit your window. They can tell you if your window needs an outside- or inside-mounted frame (or if either works), and what kinds you can pick from.

When you are aware of your choices, enjoy choosing one that complements your home’s design. Think about selecting a

  • Frame with a sill component if your window has a sill protruding from it.
  • Frame that goes with your crown molding.
  • Craftsman frame if you live in a Craftsman home.
  • Decorative frame.

Choosing An Interior Shutter Louver Size

Selecting a louver width primarily is a matter of personal taste. Do you like the appearance of very wide louvers, narrow louvers, or something in between? You'll want to see how the louvers look when turned outward and shut. Sunburst Shutters provides louvers in three options: 2.5”, 3.5”, and 4.5”. The skinnier the louvers, the more you'll have in each panel. The abundance of horizontal slats can impact your view when the shutter panel is secured and the louvers are shifted open. You may go with the 4.5” wide louvers if that’s a concern. However, the 3.5” louvers are unquestionably the most popular size.

Find Your Perfect Interior Shutters At Sunburst Shutters Chicago

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