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The Best Window Treatments For Window Condensation In Chicago

October 18, 2021

When humid air within your Chicago home touches a cold window pane, the humidity becomes water condensation on the window and surrounding surfaces. That water can blemish the fibers in fabric and wooden window treatments or accommodate mold. That’s why beautiful Polywood® plantation shutters are the superior window treatments for condensation in Chicago. Their one-of-a-kind materials and construction make them highly energy efficient and impervious to water damage compared to alternative window treatments.

Polywood Plantation Shutters Repel Water Damage

White Polywood shutters above a kitchen sink. 

If you install wooden or cloth window treatments on a window apt to condensation, that condensation soaks into these materials and allows the fibers to expand. After time, they diminish and fracture. Weak fabric tears to the touch, and wood will warp and fracture. Before you know it, you have to replace your window treatments.

Faux-wood Polywood shutters are simply the best window treatments for window condensation in Chicago since they look attractive and are water-resistant. While they seem like louvered wood shutters, the patented synthetic materials are significantly more durable. They don’t take in humidity like wood can, so your Polywood shutters won’t bend or fray. Their tough paint layer wards off cracking from water damage as well. Even in a humid bathroom or kitchen, you can trust your Polywood shutters to stay pristine longer than any other kind of window treatment and keep their luster. Polywood shutters will save you time and money on substitute window treatments and hang beautifully year after year.

Polywood Shutters Fight Mold

 White Polywood shutters above a soaking tub.

Mold spores enjoy moist environments like your kitchen and bathrooms. When they plant on windows with moisture, they stick onto any natural or fabric materials available and spread. It may be a challenge to remove mold and mold stains from window treatments comprised of these materials. If you miss a spore, the mold will grow back before you know it.

Polywood shutters are the best window treatments for window condensation in Chicago as their faux wood doesn’t grow mold like wood and fabric are likely to do. Mold spores can’t subsist on faux wood unlike they can on real wood or cloth. You’ll also have a simpler experience performing routine upkeep so that mold won’t grow in the muck that pools on moist surfaces. Polywood shutters require a simple wipe from a moist cloth to clear them.

Polywood Shutters Insulate Your Windows To Ward Off Condensation

White Polywood shutters in an office living room setting. 

Polywood shutters not only ward off problems like water damage and mold growth. The panels also insulate your glass to help prevent condensation before it starts. While keeping your Polywood shutters down, they make a shield between the inside air in your house and the frigid air coming through your windows. Their patented weatherstripping blocks up to 30 degrees of exterior temperatures. This curbs the temperature swap that causes condensation to build up. With less condensation, you’ll stress less about water build-up and mold on your windows and take in the additional benefits of more energy-efficient windows, like a cozy interior temperature and reduced energy costs.

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