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White Polywood shutters in a large bedroom

Cellular Shades Vs. Plantation Shutters In Chicago

November 29, 2022

Chicago homeowners commonly consider plantation shutters and cellular shades if they want an energy-efficient window treatment. In the end, both types of window treatments will thwart a certain amount of thermal transfer when shut. But are there other perks besides excellent energy efficiency when comparing plantation shutters vs. cellular shades in Chicago?

Below you’ll find a few recommendations to help you decide which choice works best for your windows and home.

Choose Plantation Shutters For The Best In Light Adjustment, Energy Efficiency, And Durability

White Polywood shutters in a large and modern kitchen.

In the comparison between cellular shades vs. plantation shutters for Chicago, shutters are typically the superior choice. Their hinged panels and rows of tilting louvers give you various methods for directing privacy and the level of sunlight that is allowed inside. In addition, the solid composite-wood frame surrounds the border of your window to block heat and exterior light from going through.

Interior shutters also give you amazing energy savings. When secured, they block the cold drafts and hot UV rays that come through your windows. Polywood® shutters were manufactured as an insulating system with exclusive weather protection that eliminates virtually all exterior air and prevents up to 30 degrees of temperature transference from windows. They’ll keep you comfortable in your Chicago home all year and reduce your utility expenses.

Polywood shutters also make sense as the sturdiest window treatment. While window blinds and shades will have noticeable damage and weathering after a few years of use, Polywood shutters maintain their look for decades to come. Their synthetic wood is resistant to damage from humidity, extreme temperatures, insects, and UV rays. They don’t wear out from regular usage and hold up well against bumps from exuberant kids and pets. You can install them throughout your home, and they’ll look amazing for decades.

Use Cellular Shades To Bring Appeal And Energy Efficiency To Your Home

Dark gray cellular shades in a corner of a living room.

When you’re picking between plantation shutters vs. cellular shades in Chicago and want a soft or colorful window treatment, cellular shades are the best bet. These cloth window shades come in a multitude of colors and patterns. It’s easy to find cellular shades to match your home’s interior, whether you seek a muted neutral option or a vivid eye-catching tone.

Even though they’re not as capable as shutters, cellular shades will make your home more energy efficient. The fabric is fabricated into bellows-like pleats that come together neatly when you pull up your shades. Conversely, whenever you lower them, those pleats open up into pockets or “cells”. These cells and their surrounding fabric layers capture air and stops it from your windows before it enters your Chicago property.

Turn To The Experts When Picking Between Cellular Shades Vs. Plantation Shutters In Chicago

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