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Does It Make Sense To Install Window Treatments On A Closet Window In Chicago?

February 07, 2023

The extra storage of a walk-in closet is truly unmatched. Having your wardrobe easily accessible is beneficial for business professionals, fashion forward types, and everyone else. If you frequently use your closet, appropriate lighting is vital. To make this happen, many closets get sunshine via a window.

But does a walk-in closet with a window in Chicago need a window treatment? You’ll probably be surprised at how many ways you’ll benefit from utilizing one. Explore why a closet window treatment is a smart investment.

A Great Way To Protect Your Privacy

Interior shutters bringing light into a dressing area with small table and chairIf you prefer leisurely perusing your wardrobe to decide on the ideal outfit, a closet window treatment might be a smart choice for you. With total command over the wide slats, you can relax knowing your closet window’s louvered shutters will thwart curious onlookers. You may also tilt the louvers to allow the perfect amount of sunshine to bring out the designs and colors of your clothing.

Your Favorite Threads Worth The Protection

While sunlight is fantastic at making your clothes shine, your walk-in closet with a window in Chicago will be better off with a bit of light management. As time goes on, the sun’s rays may start to damage your clothing, causing colors to fade. Permit sunlight only if you want it. You are able to keep your clothes safe from sunlight with a window treatment that offers full UV shielding, like natural wood and faux-wood shutters.

Keep Your Home’s Consistent Look

Tall white interior shutters in corner of sitting areaYour windows are in clear view from your home’s exterior. If you use window treatments in other rooms, you’ll want them all to have a uniform appeal from the outside. This harmonious approach can have a favorable effect on the value of your property.

What Window Treatment Best Fits Your Closet?

Rich, dark interior shutter with arched topIn the matter of selecting the right closet window treatment in Chicago for your family, there are a number of possibilities. Choose from the following:

  • Interior shutters are manufactured of real wood or an impenetrable engineered wood and are fastened permanently to your window. This solution provides exceptional UV protection, light management, and longevity. Shutters may also be customized to fit any window shape.

  • Window shades typically contain a panel of fabric installed inside or outside your window frame. There are a bunch of of shade materials available, all with varying levels of UV blocking and transparency. Simplicity of use is a nice perk as the majority are drawn up or down easily with no snagging.

  • Window blinds consist of long, connected slats manufactured from a sturdy material that you lower over your windows to block them. Blinds are available in many different materials like composite wood for tough UV protection and privacy. For a tried-and-true solution, window blinds are the way to go.

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