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3 Ideas For Spring Home Improvement Projects In Chicago, IL

April 25, 2016

Leo Tolstoy said, “Spring is the time of plans and projects.” Spring brings out the desire to swing open and scrub everything down to get your home looking its best.

Here are 3 home improvement tips for spring in Chicago to give your home a fresh start. 

1. Do A Spring Checkup For Energy Efficiency And Safety

Spring is one of the best times to check that all of your home’s systems are ready for the coming summer months. Here’s a list of some of the things you should inspect every spring in Chicago:

  • HVAC System. Test out your air conditioning system to make sure it’s ready for summer. Increase your HVAC system’s energy efficiency by replacing your furnace and air conditioning filters. Local HVAC companies may provide this service for a small cost.
  • Smoke Detectors. Keep your home and family safe by testing your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Put new batteries in your alarms in the spring and in the fall.
  • Caulking and Windows. Check the caulking around windows, doors, and kitchen and bathroom fixtures for small cracks. Replace the caulking as you go. Put in window treatments, such as plantation shutters, to improve the energy efficiency of your windows. Open all your windows to ensure that they can freely move.

2. Give Your House A Deep Clean So That It Shines

The best way to make your house sparkle is with a deep clean. First, declutter all of your rooms to open up your home. Then clean areas you don’t scrub regularly such as kitchen and bathroom walls, baseboards, floors, and ceiling fans. Wipe your fixtures to give them a shine. Vacuum your furniture, and clean under and behind it as well.

Let in more light by cleaning your windows. Scrub your windows and screens to remove dirt and grime. Wipe down your shutters, and clean your shades and draperies. You can give your blinds a new look with an ultrasonic cleaning treatment.

3. Give Your Rooms a New Look By Redecorating

Neutral toned living room with shades 

Now that you’ve cleaned your house and decluttered it, you’re ready for the fun part: redecorating.

The easiest way to redecorate your home is to use what you already have. Rearrange your furniture to update the room’s look. Or try shopping your house, which means switching out the accessories and furniture you already have between rooms. Bring in more color with bright accessories, new paint, and plants.

If you want to give your room a new style, then check out our idea gallery for inspiration. It’s full of photos of different styles of rooms and window treatments for all areas of your home. Once you’ve picked the style and color scheme for your room, you can look for matching furniture, paint colors, and accessories.

A simple update for your rooms is to add window treatments that complement your existing furnishings and freshen up your home. You can pick from a variety of shutters including plantation shutters, barn door shutters, and reclaimed wood shutters as well as blinds and shades.

Get More Design Tips

Dive into our design tips for more ideas for your home. And if you find a look and window treatment that you love, give us a call at 847-250-6544 or fill out the form below to set up a free in-home consultation. Our team will guide you in finding the right window treatment to give your room a beautiful new look this spring.